Tri-County Bass Club
Marshalltown, Iowa
You have reached the home of Tri-County Bass.  We
are based in Marshalltown, Iowa.  Our club hosts up
to 40 members at one time, we are currently looking
for new members to join us.  Email us to find out
more information about the club or to fish a trial
tournament with us.  Boat ownership is NOT
required to join, all are welcome.  More information
is located at the bottom of this page about expenses.
The purpose of this organization shall be to meet
and discuss the various problems of fishermen, to
help the membership become more skilled in bass
fishing through collaboration, to make bass fishing
more fun through fellowship, and to make bass
fishing a more productive sport through
conservation and sportsmanship.
Club Schedule         Updated 2/20/2018

Mar. 12- Club Meeting
Apr. 9- DRAW for Pool 10
Apr. 28/29- Pool 10 Tournament
May 14- Draw for Sugema
May 19/20- Lake Sugema Tournament
June 4- Special Draw meeting for Brushy Creek
June 10- Brushy Creek Tournament
June 11- Draw for 12-Mile
June 23- 12-Mile Tournament

=All meetings begin at 7:00pm at the Fisher Community Center=

2018 Schedule
April 28/29- Pool 10
May 19/20- Lake Sugema
June 10- Brushy Creek
June 23- 12-Mile Lake
July 29- Green Valley Lake
Aug 11/12- Belva Deer Lake
Sept 15/16- Little River
2018 OPEN Event: July 22nd
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2017 Tri-County Bass
Club Members
Doug Chaloupek
Vice President
Zach Maxfield
Don Henry
Tournament Director
Robert Kelderman
Web Master
Todd Reed
Board Members
Brett Nossaman 2 yrs
  Adam Rundall- 2 yrs
  Jim Wiegand- 1 year
Jer Ridout
Dave Jordan
Terry Williams
Dave Dost
Brian Cox
Marc Thomas
Jeremy King
Chris Calkins
Jon King
Keith Stewart
Denny Meyer
Rick Fisher
Ron Hartwig
Tom Cranston
J.D. Nebola
~ Club Membership = $70 per year,
(Due at February meeting)
~ ALL new members must be voted in
at a club exceptions
~ 1-Day tournament = $35 entry
~ 2-Day tournament = $50 entry
~ Non-Boaters Gas fee per event:
~ 1-Day Event = $30
~ 2-Day Event = $60
PAY using PayPal, send to:
Meetings take place EACH month at:
The Fisher Community Center
709 South Center St.
Marshalltown, IA 50158
Responsibilities of Club Officers

President- preside over all meetings and directs all business, supervise all club
functions and preside over the board members

Vice President- help president with pending matters, takes over for president if
not in attendance, organize annual Awards Banquet

Sec/Treas.- Manages all funds of the club, keeps minutes for each meeting, stays
current with BASS Nation member duties

Tournament Director- Applies for all tournament permits, keeps records of
events and point standings, appoints tournament committees to help at
tournaments, and purchases club awards.

Board Members- assist in the creation of the events schedule, assist in protests
and help when called upon

Webmaster- maintain current information on the website

~~~Officers are voted on during the October meeting~~~
Tournament Results