2019 EVENT:  
     The details:

  • Saturday~~July 20th, 2019
  • 6am-1pm
  • South boat ramp behind the island
  • All teams must check in by 5:45am
  • Each boat can bring in 5 bass, a team total of 10 keepers
  • A team is 2 boats with 2 people per boat,
  • Keeper bass must be at least 15 inches long
  • All bass will be measured with their mouth closed
  • All boats must have proper aerated live wells.
  • Boat order will be on a first paid basis, entry form below
  • All teams are responsible for knowing the rules
  • Full set of rules can be emailed to you
  • Organizers of the event may or may not participate
  • 1 pound deduction for a dead fish
  • 1 pound deduction for a short fish, plus that fish will not be weighed
  • Any boat that is late will be deducted 1 pound per minute
  • Teams may share info on the water, but CANNOT share bass
  • Phones/CB's/Walkie talkies are allowed for communication
  • Entry Fee= $200 per team (or $50 per fisherman), this includes big bass
  • ALL ENTRIES MUST BE POSTMARKED JULY 13th or earlier, any received after that
    will be $240 per team ($60 per fisherman).  All entries at the ramp the day of the event
    MUST be cash.
                 2019 Tri-County "4-MAN" Brushy Creek Bass Tournament Registration

Pre-registration by mail will be accepted with an July 13th postmark.  
Any registration received after that will be late and assessed the $40 late fee.  
Pre-paid entries will be first to take off, order will be by postmark date.
NO REFUNDS unless the tournament is cancelled due to inclimate weather.

Please PRINT and fill out completely:

Boater #1__________________________________  Partner #1__________________________________
Address___________________________________  Address____________________________________
Phone Number______________________________ Phone Number______________________________
SIGNATURE_________________________________ SIGNATURE________________________________

Boater #2__________________________________  Partner #2___________________________________
Address___________________________________  Address_____________________________________
Phone Number______________________________ Phone Number_______________________________
SIGNATURE________________________________  SIGNATURE_________________________________

List one EMAIL: we will email your entry confirmation _______________________________________________

By signing the above registration, we hereby waive and release all contestants, sponsors, tournament organizers, the
Tri-County Bass Club, or anyone participating in this event from all claims of injury and/or damage incurred with any doing of
this tournament.  We also pledge that the boats to be used in this tournament are covered by liability insurance.

Mail this entry form and check to:

Tri-County Bass Club 4-Man
2203 Sugar Creek Lane
Marshalltown, IA 50158
**If you have any questions or would like a paper copy of complete rules, email DOUG**